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Passed Gas Safety Test of KGS(Korea Gas Safety Corporation)



♦Heating device for maintaining uniform heating power

The heating device maintains the initial heating power regardless of the climate by the liquefaction prevention engineering method.

It can be used conveniently with uniform heating power even in extreme condition.


♦Gas preheating system

Preventing gas from cooling down in cold weather in order to maintain the constant firepower


♦Compact design to maximize portability

With foldable stands, JERA hose burner can be conveniently used for storage or carry.

The foldable stands make the cookware sit steadily on it when cooking.


♦Strong firepower

The JERA hose burner’s strong heating power makes the cooking time shorten.


♦Superior output of large crater (strong firepower)

It employs a large crater and emits a powerful firepower.

With windbreak structure and strong flame through wide crater, it reduces heat loss.


♦One-touch ignition switch makes anyone can ignite conveniently.


♦Equipped with convenient gas control valve

Heating power is easily adjusted by using gas valve knob.

Double braided stainless steel hose boasts strong durability and safety.

It does not deform or wear even when used for a long time.


♦The saw-toothed foldable props make the cookware sit on it stable.

It helps to prevent cookware from slipping down


♦Broad Compatibility: Compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters (EN 417).

we add an adapter for butane gas.


♦Perfect design for ultralight camping, trekking, hiking and backpacking


♦It comes with a storage case that is easy to store and carry.



155 mm x 90 mm x 110 mm

( 6.10 in x 3.54 in x 4.33 in )


500 g


Fuel not included

Made in Korea




HARD-ANODIZED COOKING SET 3 PPL by Camping supplies, Camping equipment [CAMPWILL]

HARD-ANODIZED COOKING SET 5-6 PPL  by Camping supplies, Camping equipment [CAMPWILL]

SILVER ALUMINIUM COOKING SET 3 PPL by Camping supplies, Camping equipment [CAMPWILL]

SILVER ALUMINIUM COOKING SET 5-6 PPL by Camping supplies, Camping equipment [CAMPWILL]






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