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  • Survival Camping Woodsman Course: Identifying Useful Trees 2017-05-23
    Whether we are talking about healing, feeding or sheltering us, or even just pleasing our eyes, trees are a huge part of the camping experience. When setting up camp we also must consider the threats that large trees pose to us. Whether it’s a dead tree or a large limb, either can injure or kill […]
  • 30 of the Best Places to Go Camping in Texas 2017-05-08
    From the hill country to the rugged deserts of the southwest, Texas is as diversified a state as they come. Bordered by the Rio Grand, the Red River, and the Sabine, the state’s landscape is a mix of desserts, pine forests, prairies, beaches, and mountains. Interested in tent camping? RVing? Or do you want to […]
  • Poisonous Plants You Need to Know About 2017-05-08
    My 5-year-old can identify poison ivy. This isn’t a braggadocios statement. It is his understanding of this plant that has brought to my attention how many people are ignorant of this knowledge. There are often false accusations to plants that look similar or vine as poison ivy does. Of course, this observation led me to […]

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