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  • Guide to Portable Power for Camping 2017-08-07
    The latest and greatest portable power for camping enables you to stay plugged in and fully charged on all your outdoor adventures. These camping gadgets range from solar-powered or even wind-powered devices to battery packs, generators, and power inverters for your car. There are fully fledged solar kits for your camper van, portable power packs […]
  • The Complete Visitor’s Guide to Yellowstone National Park 2017-07-19
    People love Yellowstone National Park for its stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and widespread geothermal activity. Much of the park can be seen from the road, but we recommend taking time to stop, get out of the car, and hike for at least a mile. The real beauty of Yellowstone National Park is off the […]
  • Master the Wild with Your Powerful Camping Knife 2017-07-19
    Under the vast cosmos of a mountaintop campsite, I was waiting for a friend to arrive. This was no knockdown, drag out backwoods camping trip. We were parking, pitching and preaching for a few days. We had great food and too many supplies. Still, we were a hundred miles from home respectively and the weekend […]
  • RinseKit – The Portable Shower You Need in Your Camping Arsenal 2017-07-12
    One of the luxuries we miss the most when we are out roughing it is our plumbing. And while it sometimes may feel like you’ve brought everything, including the kitchen sink, we have a much more practical option. Recently, I had the chance to try RinseKit’s portable pressurized shower. RinseKit is the brainchild of surfer […]

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  • Captain Scott’s Sailing Course 2017-07-26
    Want to learn how to sail a small to midsize sailboat without breaking the bank? Captain Scotts Beginner Sailing Course is for people who want a basic introduction to sailing without spending thousands in training or buying a sailboat.   This is an online course complete with 100 page text, and 4 videos designed to […]
  • We are READYMAN 2017-07-21
    A community, founded by U.S. Special Operations Forces Veterans and skilled outdoorsmen. We create and design gear while implementing time-tested skills to help inspire people to be prepared for the unexpected in our modern era. We offer outdoor survival gear at We also offer survival training, home defense techniques, exciting content, and powerful information […]
    America’s #1 Sailing School is based at premier resorts in the British Virgin Islands and Florida. In fact, Offshore Sailing School at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, Florida, was just named a top 6 Adventure Resort in the U.S! Speaking of adventure, experienced sailors are invited to join exhilarating Colgate Offshore Sailing Adventures™ […]
  • LaserMax 2017-07-19
    CenterFire Light & Laser   Targeting perfected with the new GripSense™ Activation by LaserMax. LaserMax GripSense Activation senses the users grip within the detection zone and activates the sight. Additionally, choose how you want your light and laser to operate, either rapid instant GripSense Activation, or controlled activation with the push of a button. This […]

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  • Camping equipment that makes us smile 2017-08-12
    Camping equipment to make you smile – sometimes wryly! Have a look at what we've been testing for our tent and campervan kits. read more The post Camping equipment that makes us smile appeared first on Campfire Magazine.
  • Water carriers for camping – BPA-free containers 2017-08-07
    Which are the best BPA-free water carriers for camping? We know! See what we've tested and check out our favourites for campervanners and backpackers. read more The post Water carriers for camping – BPA-free containers appeared first on Campfire Magazine.
  • Britain’s best beaches? Camping on Anglesey 2017-07-27
    What a surprise Anglesey has been. Perfect beaches and coves, forests, castles, brilliant birdlife and we even had four days of sun. Lots of campsites to choose from and 125 miles of coastline to explore. We loved it. read more The post Britain’s best beaches? Camping on Anglesey appeared first on Campfire Magazine.
  • Sssshh! Please don’t buy these… 2017-07-04
    We've been asked to review a few camping and outdoors thingies recently that, while fantastic in some ways, we'd like you NOT to buy. Why? Because we think camping is about listening to the birds and looking at the stars! read more The post Sssshh! Please don’t buy these… appeared first on Campfire Magazine.