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  • The Destruction Left Behind by the California Fires 2017-10-17
    The fires destroyed homes, cars, and wineries. We sent a photographer to document the aftermath.
  • Inside the Mind of Thru-Hiking's Most Devious Con Man 2017-10-17
    For more than two decades, Jeff Caldwell has lured in hikers, couchsurfers, and other women (and they're almost always women), enthralling them with his tales of adventure. Then he manufactures a personal crises and exploits their sympathy to rip them off. Our writer corresponded with Caldwell while he was still on the run, and came […]
  • North Korean Nuclear Tests Close Chinese Ski Area 2017-10-17
    Border resort shuttered amid earthquake and volcano concerns after a series of underground detonations
  • Bristol Bay's Pebble Mine Is Back in Play 2017-10-16
    One of the most contentious environmental fights of the past 30 years is suddenly back in the news, now that EPA head Scott Pruitt is poised to withdraw measures protecting the bay's storied salmon runs

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  • Here’s How to Design and Organize an Easy and Practical Camp Kitchen 2017-10-10
    You’ve finished setting up your tent, inflating air mattresses and collecting wood for the fire. Now you’re ready to settle down in a camp chair and enjoy some fireside chow. Or, like many campers, you dread the idea of having to cook in the great outdoors. The delicious aromas of dutch oven chili and grilled […]
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Canoe and Kayak Camping 2017-10-03
    Few camping experiences match that of loading up your canoe or kayak and embarking on an overnight trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re paddling down a river, through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (home to over 1,000 lakes), or along the coastline – canoe and kayak camping is hard to beat. Imagine it with me […]
  • It’s Time to Give in to the Madness of Ultralight Camping 2017-10-03
    The allure of ultralight camping comes from the freedom of traveling deeper into the wilderness with less on your back as well as an almost psychotic desire to cut ounces. Ultralight backpackers are open to admitting to their OCD and the creation of the perfect bag is part of the compulsion. It’s a process of […]
  • Spark Your Kids Interest with a Backyard Camping Adventure 2017-09-12
    The American youth are at an incredible risk. This is due in large part to the growing divide between their everyday lives and the natural world Children today spend an average of 6 hours each day in front of the computer and TV but less than 4 minutes a day in unstructured outdoor play. (Chesapeake […]

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  • Captain Scott’s Sailing Course 2017-07-26
    Want to learn how to sail a small to midsize sailboat without breaking the bank? Captain Scotts Beginner Sailing Course is for people who want a basic introduction to sailing without spending thousands in training or buying a sailboat.   This is an online course complete with 100 page text, and 4 videos designed to […]
  • We are READYMAN 2017-07-21
    A community, founded by U.S. Special Operations Forces Veterans and skilled outdoorsmen. We create and design gear while implementing time-tested skills to help inspire people to be prepared for the unexpected in our modern era. We offer outdoor survival gear at We also offer survival training, home defense techniques, exciting content, and powerful information […]
    America’s #1 Sailing School is based at premier resorts in the British Virgin Islands and Florida. In fact, Offshore Sailing School at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, Florida, was just named a top 6 Adventure Resort in the U.S! Speaking of adventure, experienced sailors are invited to join exhilarating Colgate Offshore Sailing Adventures™ […]
  • LaserMax 2017-07-19
    CenterFire Light & Laser   Targeting perfected with the new GripSense™ Activation by LaserMax. LaserMax GripSense Activation senses the users grip within the detection zone and activates the sight. Additionally, choose how you want your light and laser to operate, either rapid instant GripSense Activation, or controlled activation with the push of a button. This […]

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  • Our guide to the best campervans and compact caravans 2017-10-18
    Which are the very best campervans, compact caravans and trailer tents? We've looked at all the latest models and compiled a comprehensive guide to what to choose. read more The post Our guide to the best campervans and compact caravans appeared first on Campfire Magazine.
  • Autumn and winter campsites 2017-10-11
    Why stop camping just because it's winter? Lots of campsites stay open all year, and you'll get to visit beautiful places without the summer crowds. Here's our guide to staying cosy, with winter campsite recommendations from readers. read more The post Autumn and winter campsites appeared first on Campfire Magazine.
  • Found! Four of the coolest brands for outdoor clothing 2017-10-06
    Are these the coolest outdoor clothing brands you've never heard of? We've been testing a few ranges that seem to slip below the radar for walking shoes, outdoor trousers, bags and jackets. read more The post Found! Four of the coolest brands for outdoor clothing appeared first on Campfire Magazine.
  • Better than down – warm jackets that come cruelty-free 2017-09-24
    Down's lovely, but it's better on ducks and geese than in our jackets. So, we've been checking out the best alternatives to down jackets for warmth, lightness and packability. read more The post Better than down – warm jackets that come cruelty-free appeared first on Campfire Magazine.